The Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space promotes the EuRoC – European Rocketry Challenge, a competition that seeks to stimulate university level students to fly sounding rockets, by designing and
building the rockets themselves. It is widely recognized that such competitions foster innovation and
motivate students to extend themselves beyond the classroom, while learning to work as a team,
solving real world problems under the same pressures they will experience in their future careers.
EuRoC is fully aligned with the strategic goals of Portuguese Space Agency, namely the development
and evolution of the cultural/educational internationalization frameworks capable of boosting the
development of the Space sector in Portugal.

Since EuRoC’s first edition, in 2020, where 100 students were present to 2022, with 500 students
participating, the growth of the competition within Europe is visible, and especially within Portugal,
with an increasing number of interested teams applying to the competition. For the future, it is the
Portuguese Space Agency’s goal to continue to foster the exchange of knowledge and international
interaction inherent to the event, allowing more students to gain from the Challenge and, at the same
time, contribute to it.

This document defines the rules and requirements governing participation in EuRoC. Major revisions of
this document will be accomplished by complete document reissue. Smaller revisions will be reflected
in updates to the document’s effective date and marked by the revision number. The authority to
approve and issue revised versions of this document rests with Portuguese Space Agency.

DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE DOCUMENT HERE with appendixes and images.